Magnifique BB CREAM

BB CREAM Magnifique BB Cream

Daytime Face Color Cream:30g  
SPF30 PA +++
  1,650 yen (tax included)

A BB cream that evenly smoothes irregularities on the skin surface, covering redness, acne scars, pores and dark rings around the eyes. Fresh to the touch and easily absorbed, it gives your skin a bright, glossy and healthy finish. Perfumed with a pleasant and sophisticated floral woody fragrance.

Plant-based moisturizer
  • Hamamelis leaf extract in glycerin

Color-changing capsule effect

Magnifique BB cream

Regular BB cream

The three-colored capsules contained in the cream burst open on the skin giving it a natural and healthy skin tone.

* Artist's rendition

Soft focus effect

Before application

After application

Rather than simply hiding skin problems, the cream contains a "smooth powder" that covers them by scattering light particles, giving the impression of natural skin, without any thick coating or sticky feel.

* Artist's rendition

Before / After

First impressions greatly vary depending on your skin



* Artist's rendition

How To Use

Magnifique makeup course